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United with LGBT People to Move Equality Forward!

Monthly Meetings

Third Saturday, 7:00pm
Parkway UCC Church
2841 N Ballas Road
Saint Louis, MO  63132

Contact us through this website 
or our e-mail
or visit our Facebook Page at PFLAG-St.Louis
or call our chapter president, 
Dean Rosen 
 314 872-0288
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Welcome to PFLAG St. Louis!





We now meet the third Saturday of the month at Parkway UCC church (United Church of Christ) 2841 N Ballas Road, just south of Missouri Baptist Hospital.   We do not meet in December.  We begin our meetings at 7:00 pm and usually end around 9:00 pm.  There is no need to call ahead unless you would like to talk to a parent first.  In that case, call our HELPLINE at (314) 872-0288, leave a message, and your call will be returned.




We would be happy to arrange a one on one meeting with one of our longtime parents if you feel you would be more comfortable than attending our regular meeting.  Simply call our president, Dean Rosen,  at (314 872 0288, leave a message indicating you would prefer a private meeting, and one of our parents will return your call.




We know it takes a great deal of courage to walk in our door for the first time, so we make it a point to reach out to newcomers to make them feel comfortable.  You are not required to give your name, join anything or pay anything.  Our meetings vary, and we often have group discussions, but at times a guest speaker, or watch a documentary DVD.  New parents get to hear the stories of our members who are farther along on their journey and that cane be very helpful.  Newcomers may share as little or as much as they choose.  There is no pressure to share.  Understanding parents who have been there themselves lead all of our discussion groups. 




Since 1973 parents have joined together in different cities to support each other and their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) children or family members.  Our St. Louis chapter of PFLAG is one of the oldest in the country, founded in 1977 as St. Louis FLAG.  The chapter co-founders were Art and Marian Wirth and Rita Garcia Warren..  Both families had gay children, and they desired a safe place where they could meet and discuss the feelings and emotions of a child coming out to their parents.  They started meeting in each others homes, and when the group became larger, moved to a meeting room at Eliot Chapel in Kirkwood.  BY 1981 the national organization was formed with the acronym PFLAG to include parents.  Although members are mostly moms and dads, other supportive family members attend on a regular basis as well as friends who want to make a difference.  LGBT community members also attend and appreciate the special acceptance of our caring parents.  Everyone is welcome at PFLAG!




Parents often say they love and support their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children but do not feel any need to talk about this topic with others outside of the family.  We believe that is only half the journey.  It is not enough to tolerate or accept your child.  We have learned to let go of our shame and celebrate the unique gifts our children and loved ones bring to this world.  Their sexual or gender idenity and the special people they love are part of that gift.  We didn’t all feel that way in the beginning.  But we have all grown from the open discussions at PFLAG meetings and learned from others we have met there.  Where we end up on this journey of understanding is not where we started.




We are one of more than 500 chapters across the United States and in eleven other countries around the world.  We are located in small towns and big cities.  There are also contact people where no chapter has yet been formed and members at large, not affiliated with a chapter.  Visit the national PFLAG website at for more information on chapters in other communities or starting your own chapter.




We help parents and others who attend our meetings go through the process of understanding our loved ones and how society’s stigma has affected them and us.  We learn to let go of the shame and discomfort by meeting other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.  We also meet parents who are totally comfortable with their LGBT children.  We confront the lies and misinformation coming from a society that promotes the irrational fear called homophobia and transphobia..  We educate ourselves and show our pride by participating in public education forums and even marching in parades.  We show by our actions that we embrace these special people that we love.  We are there for all those just beginning their journey of understanding.  We provide informational speakers to community groups, religious groups, schools and colleges.  We will talk with parents, meet first if that is important, e-mail postings, a monthly e-mail newsletter, and of course, this website.  All of these methods of communication help our members stay informed on news of interest in our community.